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Our services are designed for groups of people to gather together at the beach without all the work. 

We make sure you have enough tents, tables, chairs, coolers, games and music. 

On vacation and want a local beach experience?
Are you hosting a special event? 
we have you covered!

It's a lot of work lugging all the beach gear you need to the beach!  Cooler's full of ice are super heavy.  But then you have chairs, tents, umbrellas towels, music, games... Once you get down to the beach you have to set everything up and hope it doesn't blow away.  And after a long (but relaxing) day at the beach you have to lug it all back, rinse everything off, clean out the coolers, and put it away.  And since you want to spend time on the beach (YES!!), you'll have to do it all over again for the next few days.

Unless...you call us to help!  We take all the work out of the beach and treat you like the royalty that you deserve.  We own and maintain the beach gear, lug it down, set it up and clean it all up AND do it again the next day(s) for you!

So you can relax and just grab your beach bag with glasses and lotion to the beach. 


When You Need Us, We are Here

  • Perfect Beach Day Packages for Families / Small Groups and Couples

  • Special Events - Custom Quotes

    • Birthday's

    • Retirement

    • Celebration of Life

    • Reunions

    • Graduations

    • Aniversaries

    • Vacations

    • Meetups

    • Girls or Guys Day

    • Club/Group Gatherings

On Vacation? 

Then you want the best equipment AND for it to be setup for you every day.  You can have quality time with your family AND enjoy the beach! 

Don't worry, we have you covered with several packages to choose from. 

You don't need to buy cheap beach equipment from the discount store that could blow away or break before the vacation is over. 

Don't ruin your trip by spraining an ankle lugging the heavy cooler full of ice through the soft sand and spending precious time making multiple trips to get everything down and back. 

Just let us take care of your "Perfect Family Beach Day" with our special packages designed for family and fun!

Special Event? 

Having shady spots to congregate with enough tables, chairs and coolers takes more than a few umbrellas down by the water. 

We are experts at beach parties. We have all the equipment you need for the special day, your guests are comfortable and everyone has fun!

We will even set everything up at your designated spot and take it all down for you. 

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