Last Minute Sunshine & Saltwater Family Vacation

Last Minute Sunshine & Saltwater Family Vacation

Tent - (1) 12 x 12 Extra Large

We have you covered with enough shade for everyone with an extra large tent. You can enjoy the ocean breeze and take a break from the warm sun. It's also a great way to keep the birds from stealing your food! We will set it up and secure it so you can relax!


Table - (1) 8 Feet Long

Keep sand off your food and spread out the snacks on a large table. We provide a clean linen table cloth each day so you can dine in style! Just make sure you keep the food covered so the birds don't swoop in and steal it!


Trash Can - (1)

This comes in very handy for the garbage that might otherwise fly away in the breeze. We will provide an extra bag inside the can just in case.


Cooler - (1)

We set 2 large bags of ice inside this spacious cooler so you can set your drinks and snacks inside and then spread the ice over everything to keep it cold all day!


Coolies - (6)

These are a must at the beach! Keep your drinks cool and then keep the coolies as your souvenir from us.


Chairs - (6)

You can relax in our extra large adjustable chairs with cup holders. They are great to lean back and take a cat nap or just relax.


Towels - (6)

Extra large, fluffy towels will be clipped to your chairs. You can take them off to dry off after a swim or keep them clipped all day. 


Music - (1) Boombox

Turn up the tunes with our bluetooth JBL speaker! Synch up to your device and let the good times roll!


Games - (1) Cornhole Set or (1) Bocce Ball Set

The perfect beach games, you choose your favorite and we will make sure its set up at the beach for your perfect day!