What if there is bad weather?

Morning storm-

We hold off on setting up if there is a morning thunderstorm.  We will notify when it's safe you to head out!

Afternoon storm-

During afternoon thunderstorms we may collect and store equipment to prevent damage in high winds. We will notify you when a storm is in the area and we have to collect equipment. 

All day storm-

We do our best to reschedule if it is a complete wash. If that isn't possible we will refund the days that bad weather wins.

What time do you set up and break down the Equipment?

Set ups are ready by 9:00 A.M. When yours is ready we will send you a text and email with a picture of the spot so you can head down for a day of Saltwater & Sunshine!  We come back after 6:00 P.M. to break it all down and get everything cleaned up for your next day on the beach.  If you have special requests for different times just let us know.  We do our best to meet your needs!

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

No problem! We request at least a two week notice for cancellations so we can free up the equipment for someone else. If you need to cancel after the two week timeframe there will be a 10% charge but the remainder will be refunded.

What if we like a package but need more chairs or coolers?

No problem!  Just let us know!